Polish Girl

It’s been at least another year 
And still I haven’t got the chance to say
Always rolling off the tongue
Never said but nearly sung about a million ways
Every photograph and story 
Trickled through the lengthy web of friendsI overthought but understood
Distant look but looking good
And not the other way
But you fail to remember
But you fail to remember
Do I still cross your mind?
Your face still distorts the time
Do I still cross your mind?
Your face still distorts the timeWith heat struck afternoons long through
Those idle dreams go back to you
Was this only in my head
Just like most things go misread
When overthought

/// I am not sorry that I have turn into an insensitive bij. I guess it’s the only way to protect myself from you people.
—  Don’t you ever talk to me again, ever.
Another Phase
Things are quite something going around me, it’s crazy. I wanted to choke myself thinking about it. Finishing diploma, five months of unemployment, took away mom’s position as a full-time housewife. 
Anyway, yours truly is partly graduated. Partly, yes, because the c-day hasn’t been done yet. So yeah.
On the second good news (meh), I will be continuing degree in Investment. “Yeay”. Despite on that, the saddest part of my life-will-be is that, Kingsley did not get any offer. How do I survive those two years without him! 
This post is ship-wrecked looking. I’m sorry. 
Till then !
Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.

" He’s a gift. A perfect gift. "